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About Us

Our company is based in the province of Ontario on the basis of the previous company I&F Engineering Corp., is the assignee of this company in many projects, and continues to apply and develop technologies based on this company.

We believe that the approach to our work we implement, looking on a problem in global and solving it in ultimate details, is value to our clients. That inspires us to positive change and search for new solutions. The small details yield important realizations. We believe that collaboration is the best way forward.

We specialize in structural engineering and construction services in such fields as bridge and culverts; industrial buildings including freezers and cool warehouses; commercial buildings and housing. Working with new structures or with the rehabilitation of the existing we bring together the right people for each individual client and engagement, ensuring the right skills, experience and the highest level of teamwork.

Our team include scientists, professional engineers, designers and we try to be up today with progress.

Our employees, have a wide range of work experience in different fields of structural engineering and construction support, are capable to solve very complected technical problems in construction.

Our Technology

Our team in its work, along with common practice and technologies in the construction business, applies design and construction methods developed by employees who work in our company.

Fiber reinforcing polymers application in bridges and other structures for new design and rehabilitation projects.

Erection of the bridge structure in very complicate condition with the application of the method of the longitudinal sliding.
Strengthening of flat roof on industrial buildings for installation HVAC units and other equipment.
Design of buildings structures for industrial freezers and coolers with application steel-insulated panels.

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